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We're on our way back ...


I'm sick again. ICK! ...


18 Month Well-Baby Visit


Nana V / Wednesday, December 16 2009 05:03 AM

Your Mommy is one smart cookie! I think it is wonderful that your thyroid level is perfect. I love your "visit" with the baby in the mirror and all your arm and leg exercises. You certainly know how to put waiting time to good use. Love you lots, Nana

okay, so, I'm walking all ...


Aunt Kimi / Monday, December 7 2009 04:27 PM

yes you are "SO BIG"!!!!! Santa use to scare me too Etta! But you will sonn realize how Special he is....he brings gifts!!!! I love presents!!!! anyway, Etta you are sooooo adorable and i want to gobble u up!!! you know i take 2-3hr naps whenever i can! so i know how gratifying that is! i love you big girl!!! Cant wait to see you!!! Aunt Kimi

Nana V / Monday, December 7 2009 04:24 AM

Hi Honey, I'm sorry the Man In Red with the White Beard scared the holiday spirit out of you! He does look a bit suspicious in the photos and I'm glad Momma has already taught you NOT to accept candy from strangers. I hope your next experience with the White Bearded Wonder goes more smoothly. I promise that you will eventually come to like him -- alot! But only sit on his lap if Mommy is nearby so she can grab you up if you change your mind. Lots of love, Nana V

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