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I had an appointment with ...


sandra sansing / Friday, April 17 2009 01:20 PM

Being a mom or dad when little ones have to get shots is not fun. Etta is so cute and it is really a good thing that she is so aware of what is going on. All the time that you spend with her is so good for her developement. We showed our grandsons all the Baby Mozart and Bach tapes. They certainly got cognative deveopment that my children did not have the opportunity to get. They are too sharp sometimes, they ask so many questions and they get into so many things.They wear this ol Mimi out.

I'm getting SO big!! ...


Today I promised Momma that ...


Nana V & Grandfather / Thursday, April 2 2009 02:50 AM

Hi Sugar, Grandfather and I just checked out your videos -- his first time to see you crawling up the steps after your rattle! (I've watched three video clips several times already.) We are so proud of your progress...and determination to go after what you want! Every time Grandfather sees you he keeps saying cute, c-u-t-e, SO CUTE!!! And you are. We love you and are looking forward to squeezing you next Saturday. -- Nana V & G'father

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