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This week was a lot ...


Happy Father's Day to Daddy ...


So, I'm ONE now! How did THAT happen?


Lita & Lito / Friday, June 12 2009 09:13 PM

Etta, for such a precious one-year old, you sure are busy!!! We don't know how you and your Mom & Dad keep up with everything. We're looking forward to your visit to Panama and we'll try our best to fatten you up with mango and all the other goodies. Hugs and kisses, Lita & Lito

Grandmomma / Friday, June 12 2009 10:53 AM

What a great detailed update in the life of a special little ba, oops, I mean, girl who has blessed us with her presence for a whole year now! Good job to your Momma for keeping us so informed. You keep eating and growing and crawling around pulling plants and things over and just have FUN! Love from your GMM and GDD.

Zebra Cake


Momma / Wednesday, June 9 2010 07:41 PM


gu kj and ga lori / Wednesday, June 3 2009 02:52 AM

Happy Birthday sweet girl, you are a miracle and a blessing. We hope to see you Sat. at your party. We love you, KJ, Lori and girls

Nana V / Tuesday, June 2 2009 12:53 PM

Happy Birthday Etta! We were all SO excited to meet you and so very glad that you have such a great fighting spirit. In spite of your bumpy introduction into this world, you are pure sugar -- like a big bowl of sugar -- probably because, your very smart mommy knew to eat the Zebra cake. Much love to you, Nana V & Grandfather

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